Specialist Secretaries provides an outsourced transcription and administrative service to medical and allied health practitioners in South Australia. We are based in Adelaide and work mostly from the comfort of our own homes. Our team is fully equipped to help you with just about anything admin related, including typing, onsite reception service (temporary or long-term), scheduling appointments, account issues, Medicare and health fund claiming, policy development, practice management consulting and much more.

Outsourcing has been a popular business strategy for decades, and the benefits are only magnified during times of uncertainty. The future of the economy may be ambiguous, but the continued volume of work certainly isn’t. It may have even increased. It may not feel like the right time to hire employees, so outsourcing is a sensible option to consider. Imagine if you could simply give a list of jobs to someone to complete, and all you have to do is pay an invoice? Well… you can! 

There are many reasons why a practice may choose to outsource certain functions. Learn more.

We believe that matching our clients to the most suitable secretary is the key to genuine satisfaction. We work with a range of specialties including doctors, medical practices and allied health practitioners. We assess and understand individual requirements in order to deliver personalised solutions, that will be sure to meet expectations. We will appoint the best secretary for the job; whether it be typing (transcription), remote administrative tasks, or onsite service.  

Our team of secretaries have the level of experience and skill required to produce high quality work. We are confident in all aspects of medical terminology and are ready to tackle any specialty. We understand the importance of open communication channels, and we are here to help you to navigate your short-term or long-term requirements. 

You can count on us to deliver a comprehensive service. Our professionalism, accuracy and efficiency will ensure that you’re satisfied every step of the way. 

Convenient, flexible and risk free admin! 

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